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Monopoly Bass Fishing Edition
Monopoly Bass Fishing Edition

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Bass Fishing Edition


Pitch your favorite lure! Reel in bass fishing’s prize catches as you play this angler’s edition of the world’s most famous board game. This is no catch and release contest. The Bass Fishing Edition of the Monopoly Game is fully stocked and it’s every angler for him or her self. On the hook are bass fishing’s prized properties - from Lake Castaic and Lake Okeechobee to the BASS Masters Classic®, you can own it all! Vivid color photography captures your favorite sport hook, line and sinker. If you are one of the 30 million bass anglers pursuing the ultimate catch, this special edition of America’s classic board game will be especially appealing because it features premier bass boats, prime fishing spots and the finest equipment.
Bass Fisshing Edition

Game includes: Game Board • Property Cards • Play Money and Banker’s Tray • 2 Dice • Largemouth Bass Cards • Smallmouth Bass Cards • Package of Green Bait Shops • Package of Yellow Marinas • 8 Custom Game Tokens: Fishing Hat, Bass Fish, Bass Fishing Boat, Lure, Trophy, Reel, Trolling Motor, Tackle Box

(Information and pictures from USAopoly)


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