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Monopoly Betty Boop Edition



Monopoly Betty Boop Edition


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Betty Boop Edition


The Monopoly Game is proud to team up with Betty Boop to bring fans and enthusiasts this exciting collector’s item. The first board game ever to feature Ms. Boop provides players a chance to wheel and deal Betty Boop artwork, comic strips and famous films. Whether it’s Betty posing in her biker gear or infamous red dress, players will want to own all of what makes Betty a most beloved cartoon icon and an American classic.
This completely customized game comes with “Betty Bucks” and 6 collectible pewter tokens: Betty, Pudgy, Clapboard, Lipstick, Motorcycle and a Fleischer Studios Inkwell.
Betty Boop Edition

Game includes: Game Board · Title Deed Cards · Betty Bucks Money & Banker’s Tray · Betty Smile & Wink Cards · 32 Art Exhibits · 12 Museums · 6 Collectible Pewter Tokens: Betty, Pudgy, Clapboard, Lipstick, Motorcycle, Inkwell with Pen · Dice · Rules

(Information and pictures from USAopoly)

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