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Monopoly Ford 100th Anniversary Edition



Monopoly Ford 100th Anniversary Edition


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Ford 100th Edition


The Ford Monopoly Collector’s Edition commemorates 100 years of the company that revolutionized the automotive industry. Collectors and enthusiasts can own Ford’s most renowned vehicles such as the 1903 Model A and the 1949 Ford Custom Convertible as well as innovative powertrains like the Flathead V8. This collector’s game celebrates a legendary company and its visionary founder, Henry Ford.
This completely customized game comes with “Racing Dollars” and 6 collectible pewter tokens: 1914 Model T, ‘32 Deuce Coupe, ‘48 F-1 Pick-Up Truck, ‘55 T-Bird, ‘64 ˝ Mustang and 2003 Ford GT.
Ford 100th Edition

Game includes: Game Board · Title Deed Cards · Racing Dollars & Banker’s Tray · Ford Medallion and Heritage Logo Cards · 32 Garages · 12 Show Rooms · 6 Collectible Pewter Tokens: 1914 Model T, ’32 Deuce Coupe, ’48 F-1 Pick-Up, ’55 T-Bird, ’64 ˝ Mustang, 2003 GT · Dice · Rules.

(Information and pictures from USAopoly)

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