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Monopoly Monopoly Deluxe Edition




Monopoly Deluxe Monopoly Edition
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Monopoly Deluxe Edition


Sure, this real estate trading game has been the world's most popular board game for more than six decades, but what makes this edition "deluxe"? For one thing, it brings back the sturdy wooden (not plastic) houses and hotels of years gone by. It also features an extra gold-colored train token, a handy holder for the Title Deed cards, and a banker's tray to keep your cash on hand. The cash, Community Chest, and Chance cards are all newly redesigned. And the 19-inch-by-19-inch board is stamped with a golden "Deluxe" arch. Featuring the original Atlantic City landmarks like Boardwalk and Park Place, this version is for the serious Monopoly lovers on your gift list.
Monopoly Deluxe Edition


(Information and pictures from Amazon USA)

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