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I Love Lucy Edition
I Love Lucy Edition

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I Love Lucy Edition


"Tastes just like candy!" Advance token to "Lucy Does a TV Commercial." If you pass GO, collect $200!
Relive Lucy's greatest schemes as you wheel and deal in classic Monopoly style. Vie to own 28 of the funniest "I Love Lucy" episodes and ultimately control the "I Love Lucy" enterprise. Every component of this special Monopoly game is customized for a crazy journey down memory lane. Even the game board features original photographs from the "I Love Lucy" show.
Gather friends and family and join in the shenanigans of Lucy, Ricky and their best friends Fred and Ethel, for some good old-fashioned fun. This 50th anniversary collector's edition is the perfect gift for the "I Love Lucy" fan in your life!
I Love Lucy Edition

Game includes: Game Board Title Deed Cards Custom Money & Banker's Tray The Ricardos Cards The Mertzes Cards 32 Sets & 12 Studios 6 Custom Pewter Tokens: Bottle of Vitameatavegamin, Ricky's Conga Drum, Wine Vat, Ricky's Hat, Loving Cup, Convertible Custom Pink & White Dice Rules

(Information and pictures from USAopoly)

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