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Monopoly Junior Game-Dig 'n Dinos Edition




Monopoly Junior Game-Dig 'n Dinos Edition

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Junior Game-Dig 'n Dinos Edition


Put on your helmet. Grab your shovel. Let’s do some dig’n! It’s the classic game of risk taking and deal making as kids collect the most fossils to win and own it all! Let’s do some dig’n! Put on your helmet, grab your shovel and join that famous paleontologist Mr. Monopoly on a fossil hunt deep in the Jurassic Jungle! This special edition of the Monopoly Junior Game, complete with dinosaur “biographies” teaches you all about the giants who used to rule the earth. As you trek around the board, you’ll land on dinosaurs and collect their fossils. Now you can charge the other paleontologists to see them! Collect a pair and you’ve got a “fossil monopoly” - and can charge more! Collect the most fossils - and the most money - and you own it all. Colorful, factual, educational and fun, Dig’n Dinos is the prehistoric Monopoly game! Specially designed for kids ages 5 to 8. Junior Game-Dig 'n Dinos

Game includes: Monopoly Junior Game Board • Monopoly Brand money • Deck of 24 Chance Cards • 4 Paleontologists • Die • 48 Dinosaur Fossils (4 Sets of 12) • 16 Dino Bio Cards.

(Information and pictures from USAopoly)

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