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Monopoly Millennium Edition




Monopoly Millennium Edition

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Millenium Edition


Monopoly has been popular for most of the 20th century. (How many games have that claim to fame?) Here's a Monopoly set for the next century, packaged in a nifty square metal box with signature character Mr. Monopoly on top. The rules of the game are the same, but all the game components have clever new twists to celebrate the millennium. The board is made of silver holographic foil; the money is transparent; the houses and hotels have a new futuristic shape; and the tokens are little icons of turn-of-the-century life: a computer, a cell phone, an in-line skate, a globe, a jet, a sleek car, an all-terrain bicycle, and a dog (this time it's a yellow Lab instead of a Scottie).
Millenium Edition


(Information and pictures from USAopoly)

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