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Monopoly Major League Baseball Edition



Monopoly Major League Baseball Edition


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Major League Baseball Edition


Batter up! Major League Baseball® and the MONOPOLY Game just put a fun spin on America’s favorite board game. What fan hasn’t dreamed of owning and running a Major League Baseball team? Now you can buy, sell and trade all 30 American League™ and National League™ teams in a quest to own them all. The Yankees, Giants, Red Sox and Cubs are all up for sale. Grab friends and family for a rousing game of MONOPOLY with a Major League Baseball twist – it’s sure to deliver a towering home run!
Major League Baseball Edition

Game includes: Game Board, Deed Cards, MLB™ Money & Banker’s Tray, American League™ & National League™ Cards, 6 custom pewter Tokens (MLB baseball cap, hotdog, ball in glove, pitcher, batter and catcher’s mask) and Dice.

(Information and pictures from USAopoly)

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