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Monopoly Napa Valley Edition
Monopoly Napa Valley Edition

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Napa Valley Edition


The Monopoly Brand proudly introduces a game designed exclusively for wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Imagine luxuriating in one of the most sought after destinations in America; the lush and intoxicatingly beautiful Napa Valley. Home to some of the most highly regarded and sought after wines, this fabulous spot is nature’s paradise and a playland for its lucky landowners and visitors. The hot California sun drenches and the cool evening fog envelopes the vineyards producing ideal winemaking conditions and award winning wines. Some of the most valuable Napa Valley real estate is up for sale including the prized Robert Mondavi Winery. Now it’s yours for the taking as you play to own it all in this exciting version of the classic Parker Brothers property trading game. Napa Valley’s timeless beauty, fertile gardens, fine wines, top-rated restaurants and infamous hot springs beckon. As you advance through its quaint, turn of the century towns, and through the lustrous, rolling valley itself, carpeted with vines and golden mustard fields, take risks and make deals to own it all - lock, stock, and barrel.
Napa Valley  Edition

Game includes: Game Board • Property Cards • Custom Play Money and Banker’s Tray • 2 Dice • Custom Chance Cards • Custom Community Chest Cards • Package of Vineyards • Package of Estates • 8 Pewter Custom Game Tokens: Wine Barrel, Wine Bottle, Hot Air Balloon, Corkscrew, Wine Glass, Ice Bucket, Picnic Basket, Grape Bunch

(Information and pictures from USAopoly)

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