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Peanuts Edition
Peanuts Edition

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You’ve Come A Long Way, Charlie Brown! The world’s most popular comic strip and America's favorite board game team up to bring you Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the entire PEANUTS gang. Celebrating all things PEANUTS, this completely customized game honors Charles Schulz’ remarkable artistic and storytelling legacy. Vie to control the PEANUTS neighborhood, including the Brick Wall, Pumpkin Patch and Bus Stop.
Featuring the most cherished PEANUTS characters including Woodstock, Linus, Sally, Peppermint Patty & Pig Pen, you’ll wheel and deal them in classic Monopoly style. Comes complete with 6 collectible pewter tokens: Snoopy’s dog house, Woodstock , Schroeder’s piano, Snoopy’s supper dish, Lucy’s Psychiatric Booth and Charlie Brown’s football.

Game includes: Game Board • Title Deed Cards • Snoopy Money & Banker’s Tray • Psychiatric Booth & Pitcher’s Mound Cards • 32 Woodstock nests • 12 Snoopy dog houses • 6 Collectible Pewter Tokens: Snoopy’s dog house, Woodstock, Schroeder’s piano, Snoopy’s supper dish, Lucy’s Psychiatric Booth, Charlie Brown’s football • Dice • Rules

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