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Monopoly Pokémon Edition




Monopoly Pokémon Edition

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Monopoly Pokémon Edition


For parents who are feeling in the dark about their child's fascination with Pokémon, the Monopoly Pokémon Edition is just the game to turn on their lights. By joining in this game of traditional Monopoly with a Pokémon twist, parents learn firsthand about the characters and stories of Pokémon. Instead of buying property, houses, and hotels, players collect Poké centers or gyms. Buying a space means catching a Pokémon character. Players who catch all the characters of a color earn the badge for that gym. Playing tokens are Pokémon characters. The board looks much like classic Monopoly, but it features a Pokémon map in its center. "Go To Jail" is still where you'd expect it, so some things never change.
Monopoly Pokémon Edition


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