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Monopoly Seattle Edition
Monopoly Seattle Edition

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Seattle Edition


“Double, tall, non-fat latté - - - hold the foam!” Something’s brewing in Seattle...... The coffee consumption capitol is brimming with excitement in this version of the classic Parker Brothers real estate trading game. Now’s your chance to own it all in Seattle as you buy, sell and trade the city’s most prized properties. With real estate trades constantly percolating and opponents scheming your demise, all the usual thrills of the original Monopoly Game are here. Advance to GO and play the Seattle edition of the world’s most famous board game. The Monopoly Brand is pleased to present the Seattle Edition of the Monopoly Game, designed exclusively for Seattle fans.
Seattle Edition

Game includes: Game Board • 10 Tokens • Property Cards • Play Money and Banker’s Tray • Chance Cards • Community Chest Cards • 32 Houses • 12 Hotels • 2 Dice

(Information and pictures from USAopoly)

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