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Monopoly Superbowl XXXII Edition
Monopoly Superbowl XXXII Edition

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Superbowl XXXII Edition


Ready, set . . . roll the dice! Parker Brothers proudly presents a "Super" twist to the Monopoly Game. It is the NFL authorized Commemorative Super Bowl XXXII Edition of the Monopoly Game featuring the World Champion Denver Broncos. Sounds too good to be true! In this first ever Super Bowl Edition of the Monopoly Game, relive the biggest day in American sports and what was arguably the greatest game in Super Bowl history. Enjoy memorable moments from the Broncos momentous 31-24 victory over the defending champion Green Bay Packers - breaking the NFC string of 13 straight victories. It is the Monopoly Game, football and Super Sunday like you've never seen or played before. With the Super Bowl XXXII Edition of the Monopoly Game you pick the players, call the plays - an audible if your opponent threatens a blitz-and decide when to go deep in the quest to secure the ultimate victor’s spoils and own it all! Take control of San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium, buy a block of tickets, win the coin toss and get ready for the opening kickoff. It’s classic Monopoly Game risk taking and deal making, the only thing missing are the commercials! Whether it is first and ten or fourth and goal, with this game the Goal line is never farther than a roll of the dice. And with the Monopoly Game, just as in football, never count the underdog out. So lace up your cleats, grab your helmet and reminisce the Broncos epic winning of the Super Bowl Trophy - in an attempt to own it all - Monopoly Game style!
Superbowl XXXII Edition

Game includes: Game Board • Property Cards • Custom Play Money and Banker’s Tray • 2 Dice • Defense Cards • Offense Cards • Package of Blue Locker Rooms • Package of Orange Stadiums • 8 Pewter Custom Game Tokens: Cheerleader, Quarterback, Whistle, Cleat, Lombardi Trophy, Football Helmet, Defenseman, Referee

(Information and pictures from USAopoly)

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