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Monopoly Jr. Trek Alaska
Monopoly Trek Alaska Jr. Edition

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Trek Alaska Jr.


Pack up your backpack, strap on you snowshoes, and join the famous explorer Mr. Monopoly for a thrilling trek around Alaska - the Frozen North. This special edition of the Monopoly® Junior Game, complete with a, "Trekker’s Guide to Alaska" poster, reveals Alaska’s spectacular scenery and amazing animals. As you hike around the board, you’ll land on animals and their natural habitats. Build an igloo to serve as a trekker’s camp for further observation and exploration. Charge other explorers to stay at your camp. Collect a pair and you have an “igloo Monopoly” which allows you to charge more. Collect the most igloos - and the most money - and you win! Fun and factual, entertaining and educational. Trek Alaska is the epic Monopoly Game - for kids ages 5 to 8.
Trek Alaska Jr.

Game includes: Monopoly Junior Game Board • Monopoly Brand Money • Deck of 24 Chance Cards • 4 Explorers • Die • 48 Igloos (4 sets of 12) • Trekker’s Guide to Alaska Poster

(Information and pictures from USAopoly)


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