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Monopoly Twin Cities Edition
Monopoly Twin Cities Edition

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Twin Cities Edition


Advance to GO and play the Twin Cities edition of the world’s most famous board game. The Monopoly Brand proudly introduces a game designed exclusively for Twin Cities fans. Like any set of twins, Minneapolis and St. Paul are linked by social, economic and cultural roles, but each city boasts a distinctive style and personality. Fast paced Minneapolis, with its predominantly Scandinavian and Protestant values, is the heart of economic and entertainment activities, while St. Paul, the capital city with its many Irish, Italian and ethnic neighborhoods, is graced with an old-world, European-style beauty and charm. Taken as one, the Twin Cities form a vibrant urban setting for over two million fiercely proud residents who relish the area’s lush parks and lakes. Sports and outdoor activities of all types flourish throughout the year. Summertime bicycles, in-line skates, boats and swimsuits are quickly replaced by skis, ice skates and ice fishing houses with the onset of the infamous harsh winters. Perhaps the best characteristics of this area are its natural beauty and wonderful diversity of business and culture. The Twin Cities’ assets are now yours for the taking as you buy, sell and trade famous Twin Cities locations in this classic Parker Brothers property trading game. All the excitement of the original Monopoly Game is here. Add the twists of fate and turns of Chance and you’re guaranteed to experience the Twin Cities in a whole new way!
Twin Cities Edition

Game includes: Game Board • 10 Tokens • Property Cards • Play Money and Banker’s Tray • Chance Cards • Community Chest Cards • 32 Houses • 12 Hotels • 2 Dice

(Information and pictures from USAopoly)

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