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Monopoly X-MEN Collector's Edition
Monopoly X-MEN Collector's Edition

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X-MEN Collector's  Edition


Brace yourselves for the Battle of the Universe! The Monopoly Brand teams up with Marvel Comics' X-Men to bring the ongoing battle of good mutants vs. evil mutants to life! As a fan of the hottest selling comic book series, you know the X-Men as a team of mutants with extraordinary powers and abilities. Trained by Professor X, the X-Men strive to achieve peace between Homo Superior and Homo Sapiens. However, evil mutants scheme and plot relentlessly against mankind. It's up to the X-Men to do battle with these powerful villains and thwart their plans for world domination at all costs! In this game you decide who will prevail. You must choose between good and evil by selecting your token. Which leader will you be? Professor X? Cyclops? Magneto? Mystique? To win, you'll need to assemble the most powerful team of mutants and train them to conquer the enemy. To do that, you'll engage in classic Monopoly game strategy: incorporating risk taking, all-out deal making and your finest negotiating tactics. Only one mutant will remain standing at the end of the game!
X-MEN Collector's

Game Includes: Game Board Deed Cards Custom Money (Mutant Power Points)and Banker's Tray Dice Good Mutants Cards Evil Mutants Cards Package of X-Men Training Bases Package of X-Men Headquarters Package of Evil Mutants Training Bases Package of Evil Mutants Headquarters 8 Collectible Pewter Tokens: Professor X, Storm, Cyclops and Cable represent the X-Men leaders. Magneto, Mystique, Sinister and Apocalypse represent the Evil Mutant leaders.

(Information and pictures from USAopoly)


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